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Hanbok Date in Seoul

The last time my husband and I played hanbok dress up was eight years ago. We wanted to do it again, so we headed to Jongno District to rent hanbok and take a walk inside Gyeongbok Palace (경복궁) last Children's Day, May 5th. Since finding a place to park in downtown area is such a hassle… Continue reading Hanbok Date in Seoul

Life in Korea

First Snowfall 🌨

We just had the first light snowfall in Seoul this afternoon! Do you know that the first snow has such a deep and wonderful meaning in Korea? Koreans have a superstitious belief that if you are out in the first snowfall of the year with someone you like, true love will blossom between you. Also,… Continue reading First Snowfall 🌨

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A Huge Library inside a Shopping Mall

Hello Seoulmates! Check out this newly-opened massive (2,800 square meters) library inside COEX Mall, the largest underground shopping complex in Asia! Starfield Library (별마당 도서관) houses 50,000 books and magazines. Here you will find Korea’s largest collection of magazines, reaching 400-600 different titles. Shoppers can freely browse, read and search for books of their choice on kiosks… Continue reading A Huge Library inside a Shopping Mall

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Umaido: Ramen Restaurant in Seoul

A lot of people think that ramyun and ramen are the same but they’re not. Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish and ramyun is Korean. There is a popular Japanese restaurant called Umaido which is located near Konkuk University in Gwangjin District, Seoul. It is a great spot for freshly-made ramen. The menu is so basic… Continue reading Umaido: Ramen Restaurant in Seoul