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Book Park (북파크): A Haven for Book Lovers in Seoul

Book Park is a combination of a bookstore, a coffee shop and an art gallery. It is located inside Blue Square, a multi-purpose cultural complex in Itaewon, Seoul. Upon entering the building, you will be greeted by thousands of books stacked on wooden shelves from floor to ceiling. The name was chosen to suggest that… Continue reading Book Park (북파크): A Haven for Book Lovers in Seoul

Sightseeing & Activities

Sarang-eui Damjang (사랑의 담장)

At the 4th floor of Ssamzie-gil Mall at Insadong, there is a spot called Sarang-eui Damjang (사랑의 담장) which literally means "fence of love." 사랑 means love and 담장 is the Korean-style brick fence/wall. It is located few steps away from Pooop Cafe. What you can do: Hang love notes with your special someone or friends Enjoy some food… Continue reading Sarang-eui Damjang (사랑의 담장)

Life in Korea

Tuberculosis Test Certificate Issuance (결핵검사 확인서 발급)

The Korean Immigration Office has announced that nationals from high TB-burden countries are required to undergo a TB medical exam at any community health center (보건소) and provide a copy of the clearance certificate (결핵검사 확인서) along with other required documents if they wish to apply for visa change or extension of sojourn period. If you had a TB… Continue reading Tuberculosis Test Certificate Issuance (결핵검사 확인서 발급)