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Conrad Seoul | The Noodle Bar​

Located on the second floor of Conrad Seoul, The Noodle Bar serves high-quality Asian noodle dishes like Tonkotsu Ramen, Seafood Ramen, Nagasaki Ramen, and Miso Ramen along with other side dishes like Gyoza, Chicken Skewers, Chicken Roll, etc. Despite being situated inside an upscale 5-Star hotel, The Noodle Bar offers quite reasonable prices. Operating Hours:… Continue reading Conrad Seoul | The Noodle Bar​

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Korean BBQ Grill House | 새마을식당 (Sae Ma-eul Shikdang)

Sae Ma-eul Shikdang is one of the most popular Korean BBQ restaurants in the country. It is owned by Baek Jong Won, a famous chef, TV personality and businessman. He owns 26 restaurant franchises with more than 160 branches all over the country. Last weekend, hubby and I visited the branch in Janganpyeong, Seoul for late lunch. The bestsellers in… Continue reading Korean BBQ Grill House | 새마을식당 (Sae Ma-eul Shikdang)

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Kongbul (Konkuk Univ. Branch)

Yesterday was the last day of our Chuseok break. I had a great time shopping at Lotte Department Store and hubby picked me up for a dinner date. We were supposed to go to an Italian restaurant for some pizza and pasta but Hubby suddenly craved for Kongbul. ‘Kong’ refers to ‘kong-na-mul’ which means bean sprouts and… Continue reading Kongbul (Konkuk Univ. Branch)