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Unlimited Meat & Seafood At Cheongdam Market

Cheongdam Market is not a local market but a restaurant that offers unlimited meat and seafood. Yes, that's right, meat and seafood. Eat-all-you-can meat restaurants or seafood restaurants are pretty common in Seoul but not those that offer both. I was kind of excited as it was my first time to visit the place but unluckily, the… Continue reading Unlimited Meat & Seafood At Cheongdam Market

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Grill Time!🥩

Today I met my Korean friends for late lunch. We went to a popular grill restaurant in Gwangjang-dong called Gogogi. In Korea, grill restaurants are also known as Gogi-jib. Gogi is the Korean word for meat and jib for house. Unlike other grill restaurants where meat is served pre-sliced and you have to do the… Continue reading Grill Time!🥩

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Korean BBQ Grill House | 새마을식당 (Sae Ma-eul Shikdang)

Sae Ma-eul Shikdang is one of the most popular Korean BBQ restaurants in the country. It is owned by Baek Jong Won, a famous chef, TV personality and businessman. He owns 26 restaurant franchises with more than 160 branches all over the country. Last weekend, hubby and I visited the branch in Janganpyeong, Seoul for late lunch. The bestsellers in… Continue reading Korean BBQ Grill House | 새마을식당 (Sae Ma-eul Shikdang)

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Korean Food | Gopchang 곱창)

Gopchang (곱창) is the Korean term for grilled small and large intestines of a cow or pig.  It is a popular culinary item in Korea. Gopchang restaurants typically specialize and offer only this dish because preparing it right requires a remarkable technique and most importantly, access to the freshest intestines available. Last week, my Korean friend and I went to Wangsimni Gopchang… Continue reading Korean Food | Gopchang 곱창)

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Kongbul (Konkuk Univ. Branch)

Yesterday was the last day of our Chuseok break. I had a great time shopping at Lotte Department Store and hubby picked me up for a dinner date. We were supposed to go to an Italian restaurant for some pizza and pasta but Hubby suddenly craved for Kongbul. ‘Kong’ refers to ‘kong-na-mul’ which means bean sprouts and… Continue reading Kongbul (Konkuk Univ. Branch)