Personal Musings

Love at the Grocery Store

Yesterday, Hubby and I went grocery shopping at Homeplus. To make it a little more fun, I gave him a shopping spree challenge. He could pick anything he wanted and should be back to turn the stopwatch off within thirty seconds. I promised to pay everything he would grab without question. He ran quickly towards… Continue reading Love at the Grocery Store

Random Snaps

생일 축하해요, 여보!

당신이 태어난 오늘... 오늘의 주인공은 당신인데 왜 내가 더 기쁠까요? 당신과의 만남이 내 인생에 가장 큰 행복입니다... 당신의 삶속에서 함께 있을 수 있음을 진심으로 기쁘게 생각합니다... 앞으로 더 많이 사랑하고 더 많이 아끼며 당신 곁을 지키겠습니다... 이 세상에서 하나 밖에 없는 가장 소중한 당신의 생일을 진심으로 축하합니다... 여보, 사랑합니다...

Personal Musings

Love in the Time of Acne

When I was young, I had fought a battle against acne. It was a constant source of embarrassment and frustration in my teenage years. It severely affected my self-confidence and self-esteem. Every time I got bullied because of my skin problem, I acted cool and pretended that I wasn't hurt, but I cried myself to sleep every night.  There was… Continue reading Love in the Time of Acne

Life in Korea

How To Properly Address Your Korean Husband

People say that eavesdropping is socially unacceptable but how can you avoid it if you're in a room with drunk and loud people. Haha! While Hubby and I were having dinner at our new favorite restaurant, I couldn’t help but listen to the conversation of a group of ajummas (married women) at the other table.  While sipping some soju, one ajumma kept… Continue reading How To Properly Address Your Korean Husband