Personal Musings

My 2018 Housekeeping Book (가계부)

One of my first purchases this year is my 2018 housekeeping book. I got the same brand because I really love its quality and design. It has hard cover and thick sheets, and even after a year, it still looks brand new. Last year, I got my housekeeping book almost for free and this time,… Continue reading My 2018 Housekeeping Book (가계부)

Life in Korea

My 2017 Housekeeping Book (가계부)

It's the last week of the month again, and it means one thing for me -finalization of our monthly household financial records. Last year, I used Iconic's Save Up Cash Book (Pink Book Series Version 06) and I really loved its overall quality. I wanted to get the same housekeeping book this year but I ended up getting the 2017… Continue reading My 2017 Housekeeping Book (가계부)