Personal Musings

Love at the Grocery Store

Yesterday, Hubby and I went grocery shopping at Homeplus. To make it a little more fun, I gave him a shopping spree challenge. He could pick anything he wanted and should be back to turn the stopwatch off within thirty seconds. I promised to pay everything he would grab without question. He ran quickly towards… Continue reading Love at the Grocery Store

Wanderlust | Outside Seoul

Summer 2018 | Nha Trang, Vietnam

Fortunately this year, Hubby and I were able to match our schedule and spend our summer break together. When asked how he wanted to spend it, he imagined himself swimming, sleeping, eating seafood and just relaxing with me. I also wanted to have a laid-back vacation so we considered visiting a coastal city. We decided to… Continue reading Summer 2018 | Nha Trang, Vietnam

Sightseeing & Activities

Sarang-eui Damjang (사랑의 담장)

At the 4th floor of Ssamzie-gil Mall at Insadong, there is a spot called Sarang-eui Damjang (사랑의 담장) which literally means "fence of love." 사랑 means love and 담장 is the Korean-style brick fence/wall. It is located few steps away from Pooop Cafe. What you can do: Hang love notes with your special someone or friends Enjoy some food… Continue reading Sarang-eui Damjang (사랑의 담장)