Life in Korea

3D Eyebrow 완성!

Five weeks ago, I visited Clinic Gyul to get my eyebrows tattooed. Yeah, I can hear you saying, “What?! Tattoo? That hurts!” Actually, I was never interested in getting my skin inked, but the idea of not having to fill my brows in with makeup every morning had obvious appeal. So I introduced myself to the wondrous world… Continue reading 3D Eyebrow 완성!

Personal Musings

My Winter Addiction: Gyul

I’m not a fan of oranges but I love tangerines- Jeju tangerines! They are called ‘gyul’ (귤) in Korean. Since they are easy to peel and so so sweet, hubby and I can easily consume a box while watching Korean dramas on TV after dinner. Sometimes, we also have gyul peeling and eating contest. Haha!… Continue reading My Winter Addiction: Gyul