Life in Korea

How to Get Your Korean Husband’s Legal Documents

As a foreign wife living in Korea, there are times when you need to provide legal documents such as Korean Family Relations Certificate (가족관계증명서), Marriage Certificate (혼인관계증명서) or Resident Registration Certificate (주민등록등본). They're the most common requirements in applying for something like bank account, visa extension etc. However, you can't apply for your own Family Relations Certificate or Marriage Certificate in Korea. You can… Continue reading How to Get Your Korean Husband’s Legal Documents

Personal Musings

Sock it to me!

It's almost midnight but I'm still playing matchmaker with hubby's socks because he is "incapable" of finding two matching socks from the laundry hamper. He can go out wearing different socks and claim it as his fashion style. Haha! Next time I better declare sock bankruptcy and buy a whole new bunch of socks of the… Continue reading Sock it to me!