나를 사랑하는 당신에게… ❤

나를 사랑하는 당신에게 내가 아주 어렸을 적에 나는 내 인생에서 아주 특별한 사람을 만나게 되는 꿈을 꾸었죠 그 사람은 내 인생에 나타나 내 전부를 사랑하고 내가 바라는 것이 무엇인지를 알아주고 내가 하는 노력을 더욱 북돋워주며 나의 꿈을 함께 나눌 사람이었죠 난 자라서 그 사람을 만났답니다 내가 어렸을 적에 꿈꾸었던 꼭 그대로 나를 사랑하는 당신을 사랑해요…… Continue reading 나를 사랑하는 당신에게… ❤

Korean Culture & Language

Attending A Wedding in Korea

Right after work last Saturday, I went to Yongin City to attend the wedding of my dear friend who is also a Filipina. As much as my husband wanted to join me, he couldn’t make it as he was scheduled for an important meeting somewhere far; thus I had to travel for 4 hours (round trip) by myself. I waited so long…… Continue reading Attending A Wedding in Korea


Late Night Date | 늦은밤데이트

Some of the wonderful things about being married: dating without curfew and going home together. ㅋㅋㅋ 🙂 At around 10:30 PM, Hubby and I visited the newly-opened Noonaholdak branch near our place. It is a chain resto that offers various roasted chicken dishes. I love roasted chicken more than fried one so I will definitely visit this store more…… Continue reading Late Night Date | 늦은밤데이트

Food & Recipes · Sights & Attractions

Myeongdong Street Food

Located in the heart of the city, Myeongdong is known as the trendiest place in Seoul. There are numerous fashion streets lined with mid to high-end retail stores, international brands and a lot of Korean cosmetic outlets in the area. It is also surrounded by major department stores for upscale shopping. If you are planning for…… Continue reading Myeongdong Street Food

Korean Culture & Language · Restaurants & Cafes

At A Random Cafe

After grocery shopping, I looked for a coffee shop to grab some Iced Americano. Then I stumbled across Coffeco, a random cafe located few steps away from Dongdaemun District Office. While waiting for my drink, I checked the books on display and found 고마워요, 소울메이트 (Thank you, Soulmate) written by Jo Jin Guk, the writer of the Korean drama…… Continue reading At A Random Cafe


Job Portal Sites in Korea

Most (if not all) Korean employers announce job openings online. They usually post on their own company’s website and several other job portals to be able to gather as many resumes as they can and select the best person for the job. To all foreign residents out there, try exploring these popular job sites where you can find hundreds (thousands?) of job…… Continue reading Job Portal Sites in Korea