Where & What To Eat

Matjib Hunting |Udong Kazuko

Hubby and I had been wanting to visit this matjib, a famous Japanese restaurant specializing in Udong, located near Hanyang University. On our first attempt, we arrived during their break time. On the second one, we couldn't find a parking space nearby.  Finally, we were able to make it today!  Since the restaurant is situated… Continue reading Matjib Hunting |Udong Kazuko

Personal Musings

The welcome gift…

Saturday. Hubby and I were just checking Unit 301 before our new tenants and their hired interior designer arrive. The previous occupant was a guy who rarely stayed home. This time, we're welcoming a newly-wed couple. May they live a beautiful and sweet life together. Me: Yeobo, I'm thinking of giving a simple welcome gift. Shall… Continue reading The welcome gift…

Where & What To Eat

InterContinental Seoul COEX | Sky Lounge

Yesterday,  I had a wonderful Saturdate with my dear friend Mrs. Lee from Incheon. We started off with a delightful and exquisite lunch at Sky Lounge, an Italian restaurant hoisted up on the top (30th) floor of InterContinental Seoul COEX. I made a reservation two days prior to our visit to request for the best spot,… Continue reading InterContinental Seoul COEX | Sky Lounge