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Hong Cho (홍초)

Do you guys know Hong Cho? No, it’s not a name of a new Korean celebrity. It is basically a red vinegar drink mixed with fruit concentrate. Vinegar drinks are gaining popularity nowadays in Korea as people become more aware of its benefits. Hong Cho boosts the body’s metabolism, making it effective for detox and fatigue relief. I love…… Continue reading Hong Cho (홍초)

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Eyebrow Microblading Experience in Seoul

Microblading, semi-permanent makeup, eyebrow feathering, eyebrow embroidery, tattoo, whatever you call it, I am glad I discovered this thing! Honestly, I am terrible in putting makeup on and drawing my eyebrows takes most of my time in the morning. I usually have the draw-erase-draw again-erase again routine. Haha! So when I saw Clinic Gyul’s ad on Facebook,…… Continue reading Eyebrow Microblading Experience in Seoul

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Eye Cream for Face?

I had always known that eye cream should be applied only on the eye area because the formula is too concentrated. It is rich in intensive moisturizing ingredients that are suitable only to this part of the face which lacks oil glands. The active ingredients that are designed to be anti-aging (by increasing metabolism of the cells) may potentially…… Continue reading Eye Cream for Face?

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The Face Shop Character Masks

Character masks have been a beauty trend in Korea since early 2015. If you are bored with your regular white masks, try these cute (others are creepy) character masks to add more fun to your beauty routine and face mask selfie. 🙂 There are several Korean cosmetic brands selling character/animal masks but I have only tried the…… Continue reading The Face Shop Character Masks

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Korean Alternatives to Japan’s SK II Facial Treatment Essence

SK II Facial Treatment Essence (SK II FTE hereafter), the ‘miracle water’ is one of the many skincare items known to beauty enthusiasts everywhere. It is a high-end skin care product from Japan which contains ‘pitera’ as the primary ingredient. Pitera, the seemingly magical ingredient of SK II FTE helps to improve the appearance of five dimensions of beautiful, crystal clear skin: spots…… Continue reading Korean Alternatives to Japan’s SK II Facial Treatment Essence