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The House of Hermès | Hermèssence Collection & Eau des Merveilles Savon

When it comes to scents, I am a big fan of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. I’ve been using the perfume and hair mist for years now and have received wonderful compliments on how good it smells. A close friend of mine, however, loves Hermès perfumes so much. So last Christmas, I granted her wish to have the…… Continue reading The House of Hermès | Hermèssence Collection & Eau des Merveilles Savon

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Gangnam Station Underground Shopping

Seoul subway stations are sometimes the best places to find great deals. In particular, Gangnam station is one of the best underground shopping centers in Metro Seoul. It is a paradise for shoppers who look for cheap and trendy items (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc.). You may think it is ironic since Gangnam is known for luxurious and…… Continue reading Gangnam Station Underground Shopping

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Eye Cream for Face?

I had always known that eye cream should be applied only on the eye area because the formula is too concentrated. It is rich in intensive moisturizing ingredients that are suitable only to this part of the face which lacks oil glands. The active ingredients that are designed to be anti-aging (by increasing metabolism of the cells) may potentially…… Continue reading Eye Cream for Face?