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Attending A Wedding in Korea

Right after work last Saturday, I went to Yongin City to attend the wedding of my dear friend who is also a Filipina. As much as my husband wanted to join me, he couldn’t make it as he was scheduled for an important meeting somewhere far; thus I had to travel for 4 hours (round trip) by myself. I waited so long…… Continue reading Attending A Wedding in Korea

Korean Culture & Language · Restaurants & Cafes

At A Random Cafe

After grocery shopping, I looked for a coffee shop to grab some Iced Americano. Then I stumbled across Coffeco, a random cafe located few steps away from Dongdaemun District Office. While waiting for my drink, I checked the books on display and found 고마워요, 소울메이트 (Thank you, Soulmate) written by Jo Jin Guk, the writer of the Korean drama…… Continue reading At A Random Cafe

Korean Culture & Language

How To Properly Address Your Korean Husband

People say that eavesdropping is socially unacceptable but how can you avoid it if you’re in a room with drunk and loud people. Haha! While Hubby and I were having dinner at our new favorite restaurant, I couldn’t help but listen to the conversation of a group of ajummas (married women) at the other table.  While sipping some soju, one ajumma kept…… Continue reading How To Properly Address Your Korean Husband