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Myeongdong Street Food

Located in the heart of the city, Myeongdong is known as the trendiest place in Seoul. There are numerous fashion streets lined with mid to high-end retail stores, international brands and a lot of Korean cosmetic outlets in the area. It is also surrounded by major department stores for upscale shopping. If you are planning for…… Continue reading Myeongdong Street Food

Food & Recipes

Homemade Mini Burger (Spicy Version)

My husband was craving for spicy beef burger. Because of the fast food chain scandals exposed lately, I decided to make use of the food stuff available in my fridge and just make my own burger patties. While others like their patties to be plain beef, I like mine to have more veggies. Ingredients: 300 grams ground premium Hanu beef 100 grams…… Continue reading Homemade Mini Burger (Spicy Version)

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Gyeran Jjim (계란찜): Korean Steamed Egg

You’ve had eggs fried, boiled, scrambled.. but how about steamed? In the land of Kimchi, steamed egg is called Gyeran Jjim. It is a popular side dish that is often served in Korean restaurants. You don’t need to go to a restaurant to try it. You can make your own Gyeran Jjim at home in…… Continue reading Gyeran Jjim (계란찜): Korean Steamed Egg

Food & Recipes

Gyeran Mari (계란 말이): Korean Egg Roll

Gyeran Mari (계란 말이) is one of my favorite  side dishes. It is a popular dish in Korea and enjoyed by Koreans of all ages. Gyeran is the Korean term for ‘egg’ and mari for ‘roll’. Korean egg roll is so easy to make. Let me show you how I make my own gyeran mari. I…… Continue reading Gyeran Mari (계란 말이): Korean Egg Roll