Life in Korea

Korean Legal Document Issuance Machine

In Korea, getting a copy of legal documents and forms is quite an easy and fast process. Koreans can secure a copy even without the help of a government employee and yes, even on weekends. At district offices (gu cheong), you can see a document issuance machine. It looks like an ATM but it only prints… Continue reading Korean Legal Document Issuance Machine

Random Snaps

Lotte Hotel Seoul | Christmas Decorations 2018

Oh, hello yuletide season! This year, the first day of December fell on a Saturday. Hubby and I spent the afternoon doing some Christmas shopping at the main Lotte Department Store. A lot of items were on sale so the shopaholic in me was in party mood. Then, we headed to La Seine, a buffet restaurant at Lotte… Continue reading Lotte Hotel Seoul | Christmas Decorations 2018

Matjib | Restaurants & Cafes

Unlimited Meat & Seafood At Cheongdam Market

Cheongdam Market is not a local market but a restaurant that offers unlimited meat and seafood. Yes, that's right, meat and seafood. Eat-all-you-can meat restaurants or seafood restaurants are pretty common in Seoul but not those that offer both. I was kind of excited as it was my first time to visit the place but unluckily, the… Continue reading Unlimited Meat & Seafood At Cheongdam Market