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Lanterns at Jogyesa Temple (조계사)

Jogyesa 201914
Unlike most Buddhist temples which are nestled in the mountains, Jogyesa (조계사) is situated right in the heart of downtown Seoul. It is the city’s largest Buddhist temple and the center of Zen Buddhism in South Korea. It’s amazing how the city masterfully balances rapid urbanization with revered cultural and religious traditions. 🙏❤️ 🇰🇷
Jogyesa 201911
Jogyesa 201916
Jogyesa 201915
Jogyesa 201913
Jogyesa 20193
Jogyesa 201912
Jogyesa 201910
Jogyesa 20194
Jogyesa 20195
Jogyesa 20196
Jogyesa 20197
Jogyesa 20198
Jogyesa 201917
Jogyesa 201918
Jogyesa 201919
Jogyesa 20192
Jogyesa 2019 1
Because of the temple’s accessible location, many tourists visit Jogyesa to experience Buddhist culture. Jogyesa hosts a temple stay program and the annual Lotus Lantern Festival. For more information, visit Jogyesa’s official website.
How to get there:
Take Jonggak Station Line 1, Exit 2. From the exit, walk straight for about 70 meters then cross the street. Then go about 100 meters more to reach the road leading to the temple.
Thanks for dropping by!

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