Random Snaps

Hello 5G!


For many years, I had been using LG phones. Now I’m finally back to using Samsung! And it’s not just any Samsung smartphone but the first ever 5G smartphone in Korea. Yey!😁 The last time I used Samsung was when Galaxy Note 1 was released. 😅

While unboxing..

Hubby: Yeobo.. I remember buying international call cards so I could talk to you for a longer time because the regular rate was too expensive. There was no smartphone, wifi, Facebook, Kakaotalk or Skype. How time flies!
Me: Yeah. And I couldn’t reply to all of your text messages throughout the day because 15 pesos per text was too expensive for me. I sent you long emails instead. LDR was indeed costly in the past. 😅
Hubby: But we made it! Now you just send me a single emoticon as your message. 😜
Me: And you don’t even reply!
Hubby: Yeobo, you know my heart and you can read my mind so I don’t need to reply.


Here’s the pricing in Korea.



Well, I do love the faster 5G network and enjoy unlimited data but my most favorite part of this phone is the camera. The Galaxy S10 5G model has a total of six cameras. Woot!

Looking forward to taking lots of photos with this phone.

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