Life in Korea

Oh Pororo…

The new year often inspires us to aim for a fresh set of goals, including saving more money for a brighter and happier future. Before going to work on the last day of 2018, I dragged myself to the bank for my yearly time deposit ipon (saving) challenge. Actually the greatest challenge was getting up early on a freezing winter morning when all I wanted was to stay cozy under my thick blanket all day. Yeah I know.. The hardest person I will ever have to lead is my own self. 😅


Perhaps the bank ran out of regular passbook so I was given the Pororo (Junior Life Savings for 7 yr-old and below) passbook instead. Or maybe since South Korea’s birth rate is chronically low, KB is trying to dispose the Pororo passbooks that had already been printed. Just kidding!


Dear Kookmin Bank,

Height ko lang po ang pambata. 😂🤣

By the way, it got a little higher this year! Hello 6.75% interest rate! Happy saving! Aja!🤩


Requirements (foreign wife):
1. 신분증 – ARC
2. 가족관계증명서 – Certificate of Family Relations
3. 혼인관계증명서 – Certificate of Marriage

Requirements (naturalized Korean wife):
1. 신분증 – ID
2. 혼인관계증명서 – Certificate of Marriage
3. 기본증명서 – Basic Certificate

Happy New Year!🎉

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