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Korean Legal Document Issuance Machine

In Korea, getting a copy of legal documents and forms is quite an easy and fast process. Koreans can secure a copy even without the help of a government employee and yes, even on weekends.


At district offices (gu cheong), you can see a document issuance machine. It looks like an ATM but it only prints out official documents like personal identification certificate, household register, land title certificate, school records, diplomas, tax forms etc. Some certificates and forms are free of charge and others cost around 200~1,000 won (PHP 8-40). Those who only want to print a copy of their document can use this self-service printing machine, and others who are not technology-savvy and those with inquiries can go inside the office and do their transactions the traditional way.

Unfortunately, this service is available only for Korean nationals. Foreigners need to visit the office.
Select the document / form that you need..
Thumb scanning.. For security reasons, only you can get your legal document using this machine.
Check the details that you want to appear on the document.
This machine accepts only 1,000 won bills.
Printing of document
Done! ^^

Requesting a copy of one’s resident registration certificate (주민등록등본) at the district office with the help of a government employee would cost 1,000 won. With this machine, you pay only 200 won per copy. Nowadays, the government has also been installing these machines inside the subway stations, hospitals and other public places.

Aside from these document issuance machines, online services are also available for those who can’t visit the district office. Koreans can also request for a translated version (with additional fee) if they need to use the documents abroad.

I like how convenient and efficient their system is. I hope the Philippine government will invest in this kind of public service because getting a legal document in the Philippines is such a time-consuming, energy-sucking and costly process. Imagine getting an NSO birth certificate in just a minute or two for only 10 pesos. Isn’t it awesome? 🙂

최고 이모티콘gif에 대한 이미지 검색결과

One thought on “Korean Legal Document Issuance Machine

  1. This is awesome. We reside in the U.S. and we do not have this. I also think that americans would also have paranoia about the more sensitive information that seem to be too readily accessible.


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