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Early Morning in Nha Trang

Vietnamese are famous for being early risers. In Nha Trang, local life starts earlier than usual. At the crack of dawn, you can watch the city come to life. There is so much life going on in Nha Trang in the early morning hours. From morning markets, to Tai Chi in the park and yoga on the beach, there are a lot of reasons to rise early and shine!

I am definitely not a morning person in Korea but during our vacation in Nha Trang, God woke me out of my sleep as early as 5:00 AM to let me witness a beautiful sunrise, a wonderful reminder of His immeasurable love and constant faithfulness.


Looking out the window, I wondered what those tiny black things floating on the water were. Zooming my camera phone in, I realized they were people enjoying an early morning swim. Hubby and I also went out to the beach to join and watch the locals before having breakfast every morning.

From my side of the bed..
Nothing compares to waking up each day with my whole world beside me.
You may not see it clearly in the photo but there’s a cable car connecting mainland Nha Trang to Vinpearl Land,  a massive amusement park and resort located in a small island called Hon Tre Island.






Every morning we watched the locals do yoga, swim, exercise, and then get on their motorbikes to head home and prepare for work. It was so inspiring. From them, we learned the value of self-love, making self-care part of one’s busy schedule. Oh how I miss our mornings in Vietnam!

2 thoughts on “Early Morning in Nha Trang

  1. That was definitely beautiful. 😆 But for the early riser part, I think it’s only true for older people, it’s definitely not me even though I’m Vietnamese.

    I have been to Nha Trang before and I woke up at 5 to see the sunrise too (that’s the only time I woke up early) and god, there are people everywhere on the beach. The sky was still dark but there were people running and walking. I was surprised, how do they have so much energy while I can barely open my eyes?

    Unfortunately, I was at Nha Trang in the stormy season. There were a lot of clouds and they covered the sun so I couldn’t watch the sunrise I woke up early for. 😦 It must have been beautiful judging from your photos. I wish I was able to see it in person too.


  2. Hello Ms. Tâm! Thank you for dropping by. Oh, you must visit Nha Trang again during dry season. The sunrise was magical. My phone camera didn’t give justice to its magnificent beauty though. I wish to visit Vietnam again….and buy lots of coffee! Hehe.


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