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Nha Trang, Vietnam | Premier Havana Hotel

Nha Trang, the capital of Khanh Hoa Province in Vietnam, is the economic, political and cultural hub of the region. Long stretches of pristine sand and clear waters offer a great sun-kissed relaxation in this bustling colonial coastal city. On the first few days of our summer vacation, we stayed at Premier Havana Hotel, a 5-star accommodation right at the center of 7-km long Tran Phu Avenue. This famous thoroughfare stretches from Tran Phu Bridge to Nha Trang port, and is considered one of most beautiful seaside roads in the country.

Photo by Premier Havana Hotel

Let me show you our home for three nights, the Junior Suite Room on the 28th floor. It’s a large bedroom with a nice bathroom equipped with jacuzzi directly overlooking the ocean. I liked how big, simple and bright the room was.

Welcome fruit..yay!
Super comfy king bed
Ocean View
Hello, Nha Trang Beach!
Tea and coffee corner
Room Bar


Way to the walk-in closet and bathroom





Toilet with a handheld bidet sprayer


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We spent our early afternoons at the Pool Bar on the 5th floor dipping ourselves in the blue waters of the pool and watching the beach just in the front with some cocktails on the side.

Pool Bar



Construction going on beside the hotel as seen from the 5th floor
Buffet breakfast was served at the Atichoke restaurant on the 3rd floor.
I made my own rice noodle soup! Yay!
Lobby Lounge


Enjoying a glass of Lassi (75,000 VND) while Hubby was in the gym

One reason why I booked Premier Havana is the remarkable underground tunnel to the private beach from the hotel. You don’t need to bring many things or hurriedly cross the street. Hubby and I could just wear our robes over our swimwear and head to the beach through the tunnel.

the tunnel during the day…
the tunnel at night…
Swimming at 6:30 AM


Generally, I had a good impression of the hotel and the overall service but I was a bit uncomfortable and displeased with the presence of TOO many Chinese tour groups. I’m actually used to crowded places since I myself live in a crowded city but they were way TOO loud and boisterous in the lobby, elevator, restaurant, everywhere!

At the restroom on the ground floor, Chinese guests would step on the toilet bowl and just leave it unflushed. They would not even lock the door when they’re inside the cubicle. Whyyyyyyyyy?????? I don’t want to generalize, for sure there were responsible ones but I had the same experience every time I visited the restroom near the lobby. I always ended up taking the elevator up to our room on the 28th floor to do my thing. I feel sorry for the housekeeping staff who needs to check and clean the restroom every minute.

On a positive note, I liked everything about Premier Havana Hotel —polite and helpful staff, complete facilities, huge room with magnificent ocean view, decent buffet breakfast, spectacular rooftop bar, accessible location and reasonable price. The best spot in the hotel was indeed our room. If you can tolerate the noise and a little discomfort in the lobby and other common areas, then Premier Havana Hotel is a great place to stay in the city.

  • Room Rate: We paid a discounted price of 150 USD per night.
  • Airport to hotel transfer (4-seater car): 20 USD
  • Transfer service (hotel to Cam Ranh): 17 USD

Summer 2018 | Nha Trang, Vietnam