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Bingsoo & PC Bang Date on Gwangbokjeol

광복절에 대한 이미지 검색결과Today, August 15th, is Korean Independence Day also called as 광복절 (Gwangbokjeol). It literally means “The day the light returned“ symbolizing South Korea’s freedom from the Japanese Imperialism. Although it is also a holiday in North Korea, it is called differently, 조국해방의 날 (Jogook haebang-ui nal) which means “the liberation day of the motherland.” Gwangbokjeol is the only holiday shared by two Koreas. Because it’s a national holiday, Koreans take a day off work.


This afternoon, Hubby and I made our way to Four Seasons Hotel in Gwanghwamun for a bingsoo date. Bingsoo (빙수) is one of the most anticipated summer treats here in Korea. It is a popular dessert made with shaved ice garnished with condensed milk, fresh fruits, ice cream, cereal, etc. The most popular variety is patbingsu which is made with sweetened azuki beans known as 팥 (pat).

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Maru, Four Seasons Hotel lounge offers standard and special bingsoo menu. There were about 10 kinds of premium bingsoo to choose from their World of Bingsoo selection and we decided to have MANGO MANGO – with shaved frozen milk, mango coulis, coconut cream, sago pearls, mango passionfruit sorbet, coconut crumble and palm sugar syrup. It was the best bingsoo I have tried so far. It was divine!

The perfect treat to beat the summer heat!
43,000 KRW
Hello, Ajushi!



We stayed at the lobby for a while thinking if we should go up to the 10th floor for couple spa treatment or visit Hubby’s childhood favorite bindaetteok restaurant nearby. But then he asked for a PC bang (internet cafe) date. LOL.

How to get there by subway:

Subway Line 5 Gwanghwamun station Exit 7
Passing by Dongdaemun (the East Gate)

As he wished, we went to the PC bang near our place and the owner (sajangnim) was so glad to see us. She thought we had moved to another place since she hadn’t seen us for more than a year. I tried to log in using my old ID and oh, I still had 15 hours left in my account. Hehe!


What I like about Korean internet cafe is the availability of a variety of food and drinks.  You can make an order just with a click. No need to call the staff’s attention or to go to the counter. It had been a long time since our last visit so I ordered my favorite jeyuk bibimbap. As soon as we finished eating the bibimbap, hubby asked me to order shin ramyun. LOL.






Happy Gwangbokjeol, everyone!