Personal Musings

The welcome gift…

jeonse 301

Saturday. Hubby and I were just checking Unit 301 before our new tenants and their hired interior designer arrive. The previous occupant was a guy who rarely stayed home. This time, we’re welcoming a newly-wed couple. May they live a beautiful and sweet life together.

Me: Yeobo, I’m thinking of giving a simple welcome gift. Shall we give them nice couple pillows? Couple sleeping wear? Come on, think of a good one!
Hubby: Aha! How about designated garbage bags of different sizes?
Me: Huh?  
Hubby: I’m sure they already have couple clothes and they may prefer a different material for pillows. But they need to buy lots of garbage bags. If we give them, they can save money. Isn’t it sweeter?
Me: …………….

Men are practical. Women are sentimental.