Personal Musings

The Forgotten Christmas Present

This morning Hubby woke me up saying, “Merry Christmas, Yeobo!” Of course I thought he was just being his silly self because he usually does random things to make me laugh early in the morning. Saying funny things, singing his own funny song and tickling me with kisses to name a few. I just wanted to greet him best morning and go back to my fantasy world but I immediately got up when I saw him holding the Estee Lauder boxes. It must be really Christmas! Haha!


Hubby secretly bought these presents in advance for Christmas 2017. He kept them in our closet (where unused clothes are stored and the one I haven’t opened for more than a year) to surprise me on Christmas Day. Buuuut he had totally forgotten about them until today! I remember we were so busy last Christmas when our relatives visited us but how could he forget these? I immediately checked the expiration date and it was a relief to know that they are fine until 2020. Yay! Merry Christmas to me! 😀

What’s inside the big box: Estee Lauder Holiday Blockbuster Set 2017 Limited Edition





What’s inside the small box: Estee Lauder All Out Glamour Holiday Set 2017 Limited Edition

I really love the gold clutch. So pretty!
Uh oh.. two lippies in #220.. I’m too powerful. haha!
Merry Summer Christmas to me! ㅎㅎㅎ