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New Passport Pick Up

34963143_1062796613873607_5484702674697846784_oI finally got my new ten-year Philippine passport today. Yay! The process took only three weeks. Few days ago, the embassy notified me through SMS that my passport was ready for pick up but I was busy on weekdays. Thankfully, the Philippine Embassy in Seoul is open on Sundays so I was able to pick it up this afternoon.

I noticed that the overall quality of the new passport is much better than the old one with the lyrics of the national anthem printed on the pages. I couldn’t help but sing.

Hubby dropped me off in front of the embassy but since there’s no parking lot, he just tried to look for a space at the residential area across the street. He didn’t know that he was parking outside Park Myung Soo‘s house until Park Myung Soo himself went out his gate. I wish Hubby took a selfie with him.

Claiming my passport was quick. There was no need to get a priority number. I was just asked to show my claim stub and sign some documents. Then I went out with my new passport. It took only three minutes! Woot!


Then we headed to Grand Hyatt Seoul which is located near the embassy to buy some bread and pastries at The Deli. After that, we went to the mall to buy something from Uniqlo and YSL. On the way home, we dropped by Sulbing to eat my favorite mango cheese bingsu. It had been a busy Sunday afternoon!



Jo Malone shop inside Grand Hyatt Seoul
Ajumma & Ajushi ㅋㅋㅋ

For more information, visit Philippine Embassy website.



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