Life in Korea

White Day 2018

A month after Valentine’s Day, March 14, Koreans celebrate White Day. I don’t really know why it’s called “White” but it’s men’s turn to give gifts, chocolates or candies to women. In preparation for White Day, bakeries and department stores start displaying cute gift sets a week early. Hotels, amusement parks and food establishments also have discount events for couples.

I didn’t expect that Hubby would give me a present for White Day since he doesn’t really care about commercial holidays. But this afternoon at work, I got a special delivery- a box of fresh handmade chocolate. It was put inside a cooling bag with ice packs to keep it from melting during delivery. Then he sent me a message through Kakaotalk saying, “Yeobo, my love for you is like a box of handmade chocolates – fresh, healthy and sweet.” 😂 Haha. Okie dokie!


When I arrived home, the smell of kimchi chigae and hubby’s warm hug welcomed me. He said that Pepero was on sale so he bought some. He opened the Green Tea Pepero box first (coz hindi ko pa natry) and asked me to pull the plastic pack out. When I did, a small ziplock packet fell out. There was a lovely bracelet inside.


Me: OMG What’s this? 
Hubby (with a big smile): I don’t know.
Me: Oh my, maybe there’s something inside the other boxes too!

Since Hubby arrived home first, he prepared dinner for us. Finally, we ended the night with a glass of Moscato d’Asti. 🥂

To my dear Yeobo, 

I don’t really care about receiving gifts on White Day ‘coz you make me feel special and loved everyday. But thank you for being so thoughtful and sweet. Thank you for being so generous and loving, as always. Happy White Day! 사랑해요~