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De-Wrinkle Your Clothes Without An Iron

If you want to save electricity, time or if you are just lazy to iron your clothes one by one, you better try the old Korean way of pressing without an iron.  

1. Spread a big towel on the floor. Of course make sure your floor is clean. In Korea, people don’t wear dirty shoes or slippers inside the house so the floor is pretty clean. They always wipe it too. Take your newly washed clothes out from the washing machine. Fold and lay them flat on one end of the towel.

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2. Fold the towel covering the pile of clothes.. Don’t make the pile too high.

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3. Step on it. You may ask the heaviest person at home to step on it for a few minutes for a better effect. I enjoy this part when I get to test my balancing skills.

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4. Then you’re ready to line/hang dry your clothes. There will be less or no wrinkles (depending on the material) on them once they’re dry.