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Medical Check-Up At KHMC💉

I spent my morning at Kyunghee University Medical Center for a general health screening -physical exam and laboratory tests (blood test and urine analysis). In every testing room I went to, the first question was “한국말 할수 있어요?” (Can you speak/understand Korean?)  The doctor was really good-looking and of course, I told him that. Haha. The consultations before my turn were so serious so at least, I made him smile. We had a light and friendly conversation about my lifestyle and he was surprised that I love Korean dishes and regularly drink ginseng. Before I left his office, he thanked me for being a “happy virus” LOL.

As we all say, health is wealth. It is a key component to everything we do in life. And of course, it greatly affects the quality of the time we spend with our loved ones. We must not only think about our health when we’re sick, we must take responsibility for our well-being by getting a regular medical screening even when we feel fine. Maintaining the highest quality life simply means being healthy or at least having peace of mind by being aware of our health status and being able to take some basic precautionary measures. When you know you are fit, you can live life in the true sense. Have a healthy and happy life, everyone!

Kyung Hee University Medical Center Main Building
…and happy!
Women’s Locker Room: I had to wear a hospital gown for Xray
Beautiful autumn
Snowy autumn morning
Kyung Hee University Main Campus (Administration Building)





After the check-up, I headed to Hyundai Department Store to buy some Xmas gifts and have my first meal after the 12-hour fasting.
Heavenly! 🙂


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