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Manhwa (Comic Book) Cafe

Monster Manhwa Cafe

After work, hubby asked if we could go to his favorite kind of place – a manhwa cafe! How could I say no to the man who selflessly does and gives everything to make me happy?


Manhwa is the general Korean term for comics or print cartoons. It was my first time to visit a 24/7 manhwa cafe (만화카페). It wasn’t a big one but there were thousands of comic books on sliding shelves, mostly Japanese manga translated into Korean.

Upon entering the cafe, we were greeted by a lovely young lady at the counter. She gave us a card for time monitoring and billing. Then we could freely grab some books and find our spots. Hubby preferred to sit on a comfy chair in the open area while I chose to be in an enclosed space with cushioned mattress and throw pillows. Every time he finished a book, he checked on me if I needed something, served me snacks and drink (though I could get them myself ㅋㅋ), then returned to his seat. Such a sweet ajushi. LOL

At the counter
When I stood up to get the Book 2 of Boys Over Flowers, I saw these on hubby’s desk.  He’s so fast! Or maybe I am just so slow in reading Korean with all the pauses to imagine the kilig parts. LOL

Honestly, I don’t like reading comic books but I love seeing him like this, enjoying his childhood hobby and the little things in life. It makes me so happy. I am sure this is how he feels every time he accompanies me when I go shopping for girl stuff. He never complains because seeing me smile is all that matters to him.

Now I am more inspired to look for nicer manhwa cafes for him.