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Ladurée Salon De Thé | A Taste of Paris in Seoul


Before going to work yesterday, I stopped by Shinsegae Department Store in Gangnam to buy a present for my mom-in-law’s upcoming birthday. In the middle of luxury shops on the third floor of the shopping mall lies a hidden gem – French tearoom Ladurée Salon De Thé. As for now, it is the only Ladurée shop in South Korea. Actually I only intended to buy some macarons but my tired and sore feet wanted me to stay for awhile. Haha! Okay, that was just an excuse. 😛 Well, who could resist this gorgeous and elegant Parisian tea salon?  Tea time, everyone? 🙂









The menu is printed in French, English and Korean with photos of the main dishes and drinks to give you an idea of how they’re served.

I stood up to check the macarons at the counter but Ms. Ju Won Kim (Ladurée staff) stopped me; then she rushed to get the ipad with the macaron menu. Haha! We got to chat a bit since there weren’t many customers at that time. I also asked her to serve my orders all together.

Chadaaaan! 😀

What I ordered for brunch:

  • Club Ladurée – 26,500 won
  • Josephine Tea – 14,800 won
  • 3 Macarons  – 11,400 won


Josephine Tea: Chinese black tea with citrus fruit notes – tangerine, grapefruit, orange and lemon, with a subtle note of Jasmine flower. A refined and elegant blend!


As for any masterpiece, one will need to spend some moolah, but perfection has no price!
In every bite, you can truly taste the amazingly creative work of Laduree’s master pastry cook.


Savoring a Ladurée macaron is a clean affair: The filling does not squish out of the cookie and biting through the crust should be effortless.
Afternoon Tea set sample
Raspberry Jam – 28,000 won



  • Ladurée Chocolates 14pcs – 24,000 won
  • Ladurée Chocolates 28pcs – 38,000 won
  • Ladurée Key Ring – 65,000 won
On the ground floor, you can also find Ladurée macaron stand. It’s located near the cosmetic section, next to Chanel.




Ladurée tearoom in Seoul may not be a terrace café like you’d find in Paris, but being situated inside a luxury mall isn’t bad at all. It is still a haven for ladies to indulge in girly chitchats and sweet treats as well.

Opening hours:

  • 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM (Weekdays)
  • 10:30 AM – 8:30 PM (Weekends)

How to get there:

  • Subway:  Express Bus Terminal Station: Subway Lines 3, 7 & 9 (Shinsegae Department Store is directly connected to the station.)
  • A : 142, 3414, 3422, 3423, 4318, 4425, 4425, 5413
    B : 143, 148, 342, 360, 401, 462, 540, 540, 640, 642, 642, 643, 8401, 4212, 4425, 4425, 6411, 9408, 9500, 9501, 9800, 9801, 6000, 6020
    C : 362, 1500-3
    D : 6040



3 thoughts on “Ladurée Salon De Thé | A Taste of Paris in Seoul

    1. Hi songyugoh! Thanks for dropping by! Yeah. it’s so expensive. With the price of one macaron you can buy 9-side-dishes packed lunch at a convenience store hehe. But hmmm laduree macarons are really yummy. Haha.


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