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A Huge Library inside a Shopping Mall

Hello Seoulmates! Check out this newly-opened massive (2,800 square meters) library inside COEX Mall, the largest underground shopping complex in Asia!


Starfield Library (별마당 도서관) houses 50,000 books and magazines. Here you will find Korea’s largest collection of magazines, reaching 400-600 different titles. Shoppers can freely browse, read and search for books of their choice on kiosks stationed at various points inside the open library area. Behind the 3 gigantic two-story bookshelves are cake shop, convenience store and chocolate lounge. Cool! ^^




  • Wide variety of books
  • Cozy reading spaces
  • Crowded but quiet
  • It’s inside a shopping mall (where good food and anything nice are just few steps away)
  • It’s for free!


  • Most reading materials are in Korean. Yes, foreign books are available but in Korean version. For foreigners who can’t read Korean, the place is only good for sightseeing. ^^

How to get there by subway:

Take Seoul Subway and get off at Samseong Station (Line 2) or Bongeunsa Station (Line 9) These stations are directly connected to COEX. Just follow the sign leading to Starfield Library (별마당 도서관). The library is located at the Central Plaza of COEX MAll and is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM all year round.