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Job Portal Sites in Korea

Most (if not all) Korean employers announce job openings online. They usually post on their own company’s website and several other job portals to be able to gather as many resumes as they can and select the best person for the job. To all foreign residents out there, try exploring these popular job sites where you can find hundreds (thousands?) of job openings. In these sites, you can search for the region/area, type of job, qualifications, desired compensation and days of work that suit you. Then a list of job openings will appear. Click the photo to go directly to the site. 🙂

Korean Sites

1. 훈장마을 (Hunjang Maeul): Hunjang is the old Korean term for teacher and Maeul for village. It is the most popular site for teaching jobs. Teachers in Korea discuss a lot of things related to teaching and legal matters in this site.


2. 알바 천국 (Alba Cheonguk): Alba is the Korean term for part-time jobs and Cheonguk for heaven. Despite the name, the site advertises not only part-time but also full-time jobs.


3. 인크루트 (Incruit)


4. 사람인 (Saramin)


5. 잡코리아 (Job Korea)


English Sites

6.  JobSeekr (English)


7. Korea4home (English)


8. theworknplay (English)


9.  Job in Korea (ESL Jobs in Korea)


 10. Korea Job Finder (English)


11. Seoul Professionals (English)


I wish you the best of luck! May you find the job that you love. 🙂

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