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Umaido: Ramen Restaurant in Seoul

A lot of people think that ramyun and ramen are the same but they’re not. Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish and ramyun is Korean. There is a popular Japanese restaurant called Umaido which is located near Konkuk University in Gwangjin District, Seoul. It is a great spot for freshly-made ramen.

ramen menu

The menu is so basic and it mainly offers of two types of ramen soup (original & spicy) and gyoza (fried dumpling). The rest are just add-ons. The restaurant is so popular that people (mostly university students) fall in line outside for this delicious noodle dish even in cold winter season.

Spicy Ramen
Original Ramen
Gyoza (fried dumpling)

How to get there:

Konkuk University station (건대입구역) Exit 2  – As you go down from Exit 2, you will see Angel-in-us coffee shop. Walk along the street and pass through 2 intersections. Umaido is on your left.

umaido map



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