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Hong Cho (홍초)

How many barrels of Hong Cho should I drink to be as pretty and sexy as Jeon Ji Hyun? LOL

Do you guys know Hong Cho? No, it’s not a name of a new Korean celebrity. It is basically a red vinegar drink mixed with fruit concentrate. Vinegar drinks are gaining popularity nowadays in Korea as people become more aware of its benefits. Hong Cho boosts the body’s metabolism, making it effective for detox and fatigue relief. I love it as it makes me feel awake and energetic the whole day. It’s a perfect drink in times when I am not in the mood for coffee. I’ve been drinking Hong Cho for quite a while now and it is my current favorite drink especially after eating meat or greasy food.

My two favorite brands of Korean vinegar drinks are Cheongjeongwon’s Hong Cho and Sempio’s Black Vinegar series. For all vinegar drinks, the base vinegar is always fermented. For black vinegar drinks, rich vinegar made from unpolished rice is the most common base.



Hong Cho is available in many flavors but my favorites are pomegranate (석류) and Korean black raspberry (복분자). Pomegranate is known for its health and skin care benefits. It helps to hydrate dry skin, combats inflammation from acne breakouts, protects our bodies against the sun and harsh environment and stimulates collagen production. Korean black raspberry is also highly valuable in terms of its high quality and as a medicinal ingredient. It has four times the amount of  anthocyanins compared to grapes. Anthocyanins bring tremendous health benefits. It keeps the body light and improves energy level. It is rich in nutrients like iron and phosphorous that help make skin beautiful and healthy. It is effective for men with impotence problems and is beneficial for women with infertility problems.

A lot of Koreans (young and old) love this drink. Pomegranate-flavored Hong Cho is the most popular one especially among women. Once I finish this bottle, I’m going to give orange flavor a try. It’s the newest flavor in the market right now and I heard it tastes great. 🙂


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