Life in Korea

My 2017 Housekeeping Book (가계부)

It’s the last week of the month again, and it means one thing for me -finalization of our monthly household financial records. Last year, I used Iconic’s Save Up Cash Book (Pink Book Series Version 06) and I really loved its overall quality. I wanted to get the same housekeeping book this year but I ended up getting the 2017 가계부 부자 레시피 because I could have it almost for free. Its original price is 13,800 won but I was able to purchase it online for only 1,900 won with free delivery through online discount coupons and online points. Wooot! It’s great to save! 🙂

buja4buja5Some stress-free know-how on becoming wealthy:



The first page for every month is a calendar where you can jot down expected expenses and schedule.

The second page is a report sheet where you can list down your income, budget and actual expenses for the month.buja7The next portion is for daily expenses and weekly total. You can indicate the modes of payment (card or cash) and categorize them. buja6


  • simple design
  • big writing space for daily expenses
  • thick paper & sturdy cover – very important as the housekeeping book will be used for the whole year


  • no pocket for receipts and cards


Dear Self, if you are too lazy to write down your daily expenses, then don’t spend money! Okay?

I know I shouldn’t be making excuses but I’ve been too busy with other stuff these days that I wasn’t able to work on our household ledger regularly this month. So here I am, loaded with lots of receipts to check and expenses to jot down. Aja, aja!

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