Life in Korea

Happy Valentine’s Day, Yeobo

So it was Valentine’s Day yesterday. Valentine’s Day in Korea is celebrated a bit differently from the rest of the world. On February 14, women give chocolates or gifts to men. On March 14, also called as White Day, men return the favor. There is also Black Day for singles a month after White Day. It’s celebrated by eating black noodles called jjajangmyun. My husband doesn’t like these commercial holidays because they’re just made for confectionery companies to sell more chocolates and candies. Haha!

Since it was freezing outside, I thought of celebrating VD with him in our home sweet home. I came home early to prepare a special dinner for us. Vietnamese spring rolls, buttered shrimps, kimchi fried rice and steak were the highlights of our meal. For dessert, I prepared strawberry chocolate fondue. He was surprised to see the romantic table setting with candles and rose petals; and wondered what day it was. LOL. He forgot it was Valentine’s Day. He must be so busy he lost his sense of time and date. He also panicked as he got confused of who should give chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Haha! While enjoying the meal, he kept on commenting how great the food was and thanking me for the effort I made. It might be just an ordinary cooking for me, but it meant so much for him because act of service is his love language.

Of course, VD would not be complete without a little something to make him smile. I hid my gift box inside a basket and placed it on the top shelf of our closet. Then I asked him to get the basket for me coz I’m too short to reach it. Haha. He smiled and said, “어머..여보..이게 뭐야..” He kept on saying, “여보, 고마워요.” I really love seeing his childlike reactions whenever I have a surprise for him. It makes me so happy.

Light bulb glass container with chocolates and a photo album with some of our old photos and more of King Sejong’s. Haha!

No love letter was attached. I just asked him to guess my message through my gift. I was so glad he did. 🙂

You light up my life with your kisses… ^^

As soon as he figured it out, he immediately gave me a ppo-ppo (뽀뽀) and promised to shower me with lots of ppo-ppo forever. Haha! 🙂

I hope everyone had a happy and meaningful Valentine’s Day. It’s not about luxurious dates or expensive gifts. It’s about expressing love and affection to people dear to us in our own special ways. I hope you always have a happy heart! 🙂

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