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Tuberculosis Test Certificate Issuance (결핵검사 확인서 발급)

결핵검사The Korean Immigration Office has announced that nationals from high TB-burden countries are required to undergo a TB medical exam at any community health center (보건소) and provide a copy of the clearance certificate (결핵검사 확인서) along with other required documents if they wish to apply for visa change or extension of sojourn period.


If you had a TB check up at a hospital, bring your medical certificate to the community health center and request for the ‘Public Health Center Certification’ or 보건소 발급 확인서.

I applied for the certification at Dongdaemun-gu Community Health Center (동대문구보건소) located inside Dongdaemun District Office (동대문구청). If you enter the district office through the main door, turn left and you’ll see this signage.


Go to Receiving Counter 3 or 4 and tell the officer your agenda. Don’t forget to greet politely first. You can say, “안녕하세요. 외국인 결핵검사 확인서를 발급받으려고 왔습니다.” Then the officer will ask for your ARC or passport.  Pay 1,500 won and get your official receipt.

동대문 보건소


Proceed to Room 201 (Radiography Office) at the 2nd floor.


Go to the dressing room and wear the provided gown (pink for ladies). Remember to remove your inner wear and necklace. Tie your hair up and get ready for a chest X-ray.



The dressing room is connected to the X-ray room. As soon as you enter, the technician will ask your name and check his records. He stays at the other room looking through the glass wall and prompting you through a speaker. You will be asked to stand in front of the X-ray machine and embrace it; then it’s done!  Go back to the dressing room and change your clothes. You can claim your certificate after 3-4 working days (date shown on the receipt).

Here is a sample of the clearance certificate.

%ea%b2%b0%ed%95%b5%ea%b2%80%ec%82%ac%ed%99%95%ec%9d%b8%ec%84%9cHow to get there:

Get off at Yongdu Station (Green Line #2) Exit 3. Walk straight for 3 minutes and you’ll find Dongdaemun District Office on your left. Follow the signs leading to  the community health center (보건소).

ddm 1

ddm 2

8 thoughts on “Tuberculosis Test Certificate Issuance (결핵검사 확인서 발급)

  1. Hi,

    Do you need to bring any specific documents to the clinic? Also, is the clinic open to locals and foreigners?

    My dorm requires a TB test certificate every semester we live in the dorms here so I’ve been trying to find a clinic that does the test without charging an arm or a leg (most hospitals are charging 100,000~160,000won for TB skin test/x-ray).


      1. Thank you for the quick response!
        Does it matter if it’s in my area/district? I’ve tried looking for some in 신촌 but it keeps leading me to Severance Hospital and my insurance doesn’t cover TB test since it’s not a prevalent issue or concern in the USA.
        I think I’ll make a visit to 동대문구보건소 though! Do you know what is the best time to go to the clinic in order to avoid peak hours?
        Thank you so much again for the help!


      2. No, it doesn’t matter. You can go to 동대문구보건소 for a TB test. The reception area is on the first floor and the testing area for TB is on the 2nd floor. Try going there around 9-9:30 AM.


  2. Hello! Thanks for this info, been looking all around the internet for a detailed step by step like yours.

    Anyway just to clarify, the TB test is just for the extension of the sojourn period right? If I initially apply for the ARC, do I also need to submit a TB test certificate? I’m also a Filipino btw, will be going to Korea next week to study. My school doesn’t reply to emails and I couldn’t find the requirements on the HiKorea website. I hope you can answer, thanks in advance! 🙂


    1. Hello Marie! I’ve read in some Korean blogs and in one university site that you need the TB test certificate when applying for the ARC. Below are the requirements for D2 visa holders (foreign students).

      1. 신청서 – application form
      2. 여권 – passport
      3. 외국인등록증 사진 1장 – 1 passport size photo
      4. 재학증명서 -student registration certificate
      5. 등록금 납부 영수증 – tuition fee payment receipt
      6. 수수료 – fee (30,000 KRW)
      7. 결핵건강검진 -TB Test certificate

      Wish you the best of luck! ^^


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