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Korean F6 Visa Extension Process & Requirements


Having a valid visa is a fact of life especially for those who are living in a foreign country. Today, I just want to write a quick blog post about my application for F6 visa extension yesterday at Seoul Immigration Office Sejongno Branch located at the 2nd floor of Seoul Global Center in Jongro, Seoul.

Sejongno 2

Registered foreigners can apply for visa extension within 2 months before the expiration date  posted on the alien registration card. To avoid wasting your precious time waiting in vain at the immigration office, make sure you have set an appointment before visiting. You can make online reservation at Hi Korea website. Print your ticket or take note of your reservation number, date and time of visit, and priority number. When you arrive, just wait for your number to be called or displayed at the digital paging system; then proceed to the assigned desk number.

sejongno 5

Prepare the following:

  1. Application Form (신청서)
  2. Alien Registration Card (외국인등록증)
  3. Passport (여권)
  4. Korean Spouse’s Resident Registration Certificate (주민등록등본)
  5. Korean Spouse’s  Marriage Certificate (혼인관계증명서)
  6. Tuberculosis Test Certificate (결핵검사 확인서) – You can have the test at the public health center (보건소) near you.
  7. Cash 30,000 won for the revenue stamp (수입인지)


Since March 2016, the government has required all foreign residents from TB high-risk countries to submit TB test certificate upon application of visa extension. I just wish the immigration office updated the list of requirements on their website. I wasn’t aware of the TB test certificate until I saw this retractable banner outside the office. Thank goodness, the immigration officer still processed my application, and just asked me to submit the medical certificate as soon as I get it.  Whew!

When it’s your turn, just present all the required documents. After checking, the immigration officer will ask you to head to the revenue stamp corner, where you have to pay 30,000 won. The last time I applied for visa extension (2 years ago), the 수입인지 looked like just a regular stamp; but now it looks like a printed A4 certificate.

sejongno 6

Sejongno 4

Sejongno 3

Cheers to another two lovely years in Kimchilandia! One reason why I don’t feel pressured to apply for Korean citizenship is the affordable visa extension fee. I have to pay only 30,000 won for a two-year visa extension which allows me to freely live, study and work in the country while keeping hold on to my nationality.

대한민국 최고!

Feel free to download the Immigration Application Form #34. ^^

22 thoughts on “Korean F6 Visa Extension Process & Requirements

  1. Am so pissed off today i went to take my new f6 visa and i was giving just 6 months how on earth could this be possible they said they started counting from the day i began the application so it was on the 3rd november 2017 whats wrong with this people


  2. Hi! I intend to apply for F6 visa soon, assuming ill be able to get 1, am i allowed to leave within 90 days from my arrival and be able to return to Korea without the need of reapplying for visa? Tnx


  3. Hi Mrs. Jo keep up the good work.
    Easier to find out how the visa renewal system works on your site than wading through the Hi Korea site.
    Also agree with you on the citizenship topic. Easier, simpler, quicker and less expensive just to renew F6 every couple of years.


  4. Am a motor technician with highly experience in motor repairing .l wanted to relocate to from south Africa and does not a visa to enter worried is how will l be staying ?.renewals only or l can apply for a long term permit about a year or two and also for re entry.l need the right channel to stay.


  5. Hi Good afternoon I am stay here in philippine now and I am comback in korea on april I am renew my f 6 spouse visa last year already make a tuberculosis this year I am second time need again for requirements thank you in advance hopefully answer my Question pls.


  6. Hi! I am planning to go back to my country soon for about a month or two and my ARC’s expiration is still around the end of the year.. when returning to Korea, should i just present my ARC as my visa? ARC = visa? Are there any more documents that i need to present?
    Please reply.


    1. Hi Geen! So sorry for checking this comment so late! How was your trip back home? And just to answer the question, yes, ARC=visa. You don’t need a re-entry permit or any other document. Just a valid ARC. Have a great day!


  7. Hello Mrs. Jo Can you also make a blog as to where can we f6 pips find the best korean classes around Seoul? Helpful books, references and stuffs. My korean is still bad even after this time. Any suggestions? Thanks for your generosity.^^


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