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How to Get Your Korean Husband’s Legal Documents

doc checklistAs a foreign wife living in Korea, there are times when you need to provide legal documents such as Korean Family Relations Certificate (가족관계증명서), Marriage Certificate (혼인관계증명서) or Resident Registration Certificate (주민등록등본). They’re the most common requirements in applying for something like bank account, visa extension etc. However, you can’t apply for your own Family Relations Certificate or Marriage Certificate in Korea. You can only use your husband’s certificate which shows information about you. One thing to consider is the rule that legal documents should be recent upon submission. Therefore, requesting multiple copies in advance isn’t a good idea. If your husband doesn’t have time to get the documents personally when you need them, you don’t have to worry because you can apply for the issuance of legal documents in his behalf. His parents, siblings and children (of legal age) have the same privilege too.

Things to prepare:

1.Korean’s valid ID: Citizen ID (주민등록증) or Driver’s license (운전면허증)

2. Your Alien Registration Card (외국인등록증)


3. Certification fee

What to do:

  1. Visit your local community office (동사무소 or 주민센터) or district office (구청).
  2. There is a corner where you can find different application forms. Fill out the application form called 가족관계등록부 등의 증명서 교부 등 신청서.
  3. Get a priority number.
  4. Submit your application form and valid ID’s
  5. The certificates will be issued right away. Pay 1,000 won per copy.


That’s it! It’s so easy,right? Thanks for dropping by!

8 thoughts on “How to Get Your Korean Husband’s Legal Documents

  1. hi ahm im planning to get a marriege relation paper here in korea but i dont have my husbands id and my arc physically but i have a picture of it. will it suffice?


    1. Hello Sherymae. I’m sorry but I’m not sure about that. I haven’t tried getting legal documents without my husband’s ID. They always ask for it. But why don’t you have it? If there’s a valid reason then I think they will consider.


  2. Hi po. ask ko lang po. we are preparing for the papers for the F6 visa. ask ko lang po sana about Korean Registration Certificate. do my husband need to change his registration address to his current address? he was registered in gyeongju which is his hometown and now he lives in Yongin wer we plan also to live.

    your help is highly appreciated.


    1. Yes. The certificate should reflect the current address. Yun din ang address sa mga documents mo eh, like ARC later on when you get here. You will need your husband’s documents so dapat same kayo address.


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