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KIIP Level Test Reviewer and Guide


A day before my KIIP level test (사전평가) last year, I did a self review using the book 사회통합프로그램 사전평가 2016 published by Sidaegosi.

What’s inside:

  • KIIP guide
  • Test schedule for the whole year
  • Oral Test tips
  • 5 Actual Tests (Written and Oral)
  • OMR Sheets
  • Answer Key

This reviewer helped me a lot in familiarizing different question types for the written test. I marked my answers on the OMR sheets and timed myself to check if I could finish it on time. I always had extra time to review my answers and thankfully, my actual scores were pretty good. I also got to practice speaking by answering the oral questions in front of my husband. I was quite confident with the written test but worried about the oral test as my husband commented that I have this tendency of talking too much, more than what is asked. Oops! Haha!

Anyway, here are some photos of the Actual Test I from the book.

Written Test: 1.5 points each

Answer key:


49. “좋아합니다,”  “기다립니다” 등 긍정적인 문장이 와야합니다.

50. “약 (소화제)을 먹었는데도,”약을 먹었지만,” “약을 먹었습니다. 하지만..”

Oral Test Questions from Actual Test II (5 points each)

영희씨는 가족들과 함께 안면도로 캠핑을 갔습니다. 낮에는 갯벌에서 조개도 캐고 저녁에는 해지는 것을 보며 바비큐를 해 먹었습니다. 안면도는 정말 일몰이 아름다운 곳입니다. 많은 사람들이 가족들과 함께 안면도로 캠핑을 갑니다.

기분 문항:

  1. 위의 글을 소리 내어 읽어 보세요.
  2. 영희씨는 누구와 어디로 여행을 갔습니까?
  3. 영희씨는 캠핑을 가서 무엇을 했습니까? 그곳은 어떤 곳입니까?

확장 문항:

  1. 한국에서 여행을 가 본적이 있습니까? 고향에서는 어떤 종류의 여행을 많이 합니까?
  2. 한국에서 여행을 간다면 누구와 함께 어느 지역으로 가고 싶습니까? 여행을 가서 무엇을 할 것인지 말해 보세요. 왜 그곳으로 가고 싶습니까? 그 지역의 특징에 대해서 말해보세요.

During our oral test, the passage was about Dongdaemun Market. After asking all five questions, the assessors asked me and a Chinese guy (an exchange student and the only male in our group of 5) about Korean history. He talked about King Sejong the Great, and I discussed about Admiral Lee Soon Shin and the Imjin War. The oral test was my favorite part because I love having conversation. I also love to hear other people’s experiences.

Feel free to download these sample tests from Immigration and Social Integration Network.

Link Updates:

Thank you for dropping by! Have a great day! ^^

13 thoughts on “KIIP Level Test Reviewer and Guide

  1. Hello po..
    Tanong ko lang po sana about po sa level test nagbabago po ba yan or same lang po ngauon taon ang questions?ilang items po lahat ang questions?slmat po


    1. Hello Zhane! Same ang format pero nag iiba ang questions. There are a total of 50 questions for the written test: 48 multiple choice questions and 2 writing questions.


  2. good eve po i will taking exam this coming sat jan 13 2018 ask ko lang po bkung ano average score para sa level 1 or 2 po thnx


  3. HI, could you please tell the link to the tests in the site of the Immigration and Social Integration Network or where to get the correct answers to the sample tests?


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