Life in Korea

Here Comes Chuseok!


Chuseok (추석), also known as Korean Thanksgiving Day is coming! This year, the three-day holiday is celebrated from September 14-16. Hubby and I will go to Emart to shop for groceries later after work. While I am excited to see our Korean family and to cook some delicious traditional Korean dishes, I am actually worried about food disposal.

We have to prepare a lot of food for the ancestral rites but I don’t want to eat the same Chuseok food (mostly fried) for several days. I know a lot of people have the same sentiment. Haha! So I am planning to prepare extra containers to fill with lots of food (different kinds of jeon) for my in-laws to bring home after the ceremony. By doing so, I can get rid of the left-over Chuseok food! Bwahaha!


To all ajummas out there, aja aja fighting! ^^