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Off to somewhere!

Last week, Hubby wanted to go out for a completely unplanned road trip out of Seoul. The concept was to drive around without planning where to go, where to eat, where to sleep and what to do. Of course, the perfectionist in me (who always plans every detail of our trips) was not comfortable with the idea, but deep inside my heart, I wanted to grant my husband’s little wish.

He was so happy when I finally agreed to his suggestion. We packed some clothes and headed to the filling station to get a full tank. A lot of unexpected things happened but I could see his effort to make the trip comfortable for me. The whole experience was raw, fun and full of laughters though it wasn’t the type of vacation that I would plan for. Because of him, I was able to enjoy the beauty of random and unplanned trip. It’s not always the place that matters; it’s the adventure that we take together. It’s not about how grand the vacation is; it’s how much we enjoy each other’s company wherever we are and whatever we do.

Despite some mistakes and failures, he had shown me the confident leader in him during our trip. I realized that all this time he was just following my lead whenever we had a vacation because I wasn’t giving him enough chance to take the lead. Honestly, it is truly hard to submit completely especially in our current “I am a woman hear me roar” generation. But then again, if I want my husband to be a good leader, I should know when to step back and let him lead. I should be willing to follow his leadership.


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