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Buying Coffee With LG U+ Points

lg6I had mentioned in my previous blog post that LG U+, one of the three main telecommunication companies in Korea gives its subscribers some points depending on their monthly phone plans. These points can be used to purchase items or to get discounts at selected establishments.

Last February, LG U+ sent me 50,000 bonus points for maintaining my membership level (멤버십 등급). Just few days ago, I received another 50,000 bonus points. Yey! I hope I will receive more in the coming months. Hehe! Last year, I chose the movie benefit card so I could enjoy free movies twice a month. Few days ago I changed it to food benefit card.

200,000 points = 200,000 won

I went to Tom N Toms to buy some iced Americano using my points. At first, the scanner could not read the barcode on my phone app. The cashier tried and tried but it didn’t work. So he asked me to call LG U+ service center. I was about to give him my debit card to pay for my drink when the scanner beeped. It worked! Yey! Fresh iced Americano for free! Hehe! If you are LG U+ subscriber, don’t forget to apply for membership card and enjoy points! Hmmm.. I’ll go to Starbucks next time to claim my free drink! Oh yeah! 🙂

Update: May 25, 2016


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