Life in Korea

May: Family Month in Korea


May is considered as “family month” here in South Korea. Apart from Children’s Day, there are also other celebrations like Parents’ Day (May 8), Teachers’ Day (May 15) and Married Couples’ Day (May 21). However among all the celebrations, only Children’s Day is a public holiday.

Today is actually Children’s Day. It is called 어린이 날 ( Eorin-ee nal) in Korean. It is celebrated every 5th day of May. On this day, parents take a day off from work to spend time with their children. Parents usually buy gifts for their kids and take them to fun places like amusement parks, shopping malls, kids cafe, movie theater, etc.

Everland Gates on May 4 (below) and May 5 (above)

may3Since we don’t have a child to bring somewhere, Andy and I enjoyed a loooong deep sleep. We woke up around 1 in the afternoon and went to Lotte Mall to do what I always love doing. Hehe! After having dinner at a Chinese restaurant, we went to Tom N Toms to claim our free 2 Americano + Peperoni Pretzel Set. That mobile coupon was given to me by my Korean friend for my birthday last March. We were also able to work a bit to finalize our ledger records for the month of April.

Happy Children’s Day Korea!

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