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Kookmin Bank’s Happy Nori Check Card


Happy Nori Check Card (해피노리체크카드) from Kookmin Bank (국민은행) is one of the most popular check cards among young adults in Korea. Well, aside from its beautiful design, it also offers a lot of discount benefits. Actually, it is an upgraded version – a combination of Nori check card and Happy Point Card. It has the discount benefits of Nori check card and it can also be used to accumulate points from establishments covered by Happy Point Card.


  • Transportation (bus, subway) 10% bill discount (Minimum amount used the previous month – 300,000 won)
  • Phone bill discount 2,500 won refund  for SKT, KT or LG U+ automatic transfer (Minimum amount used the previous month – 300,000 won)
  • CGV 35% refund
  • Outback, VIPS steak house 20% refund
  • Starbucks 20% refund
  • Everland, Lotte World 50% refund
  • Internet, phone & smart banking: transaction fee exemption (Minimum amount used the previous month – 700,000 won)
  • GS25 convenience store 5% refund
  • Kyobo Bookstore 5% refund

Things to consider:

You have to spend at least 200,000 won using the card so you will enjoy some discounts the next month. However, in the first 60 days, you’ll automatically get to enjoy 10,000 won worth of monthly discount. 🙂


Your discount benefits depends on your card usage the previous month.

  • Atleast 200,000 won –  10,000 won discount
  • Atleast 300,000 won – 20,000 won discount
  • Atleast 500,000 won- 30,000 won discount
  • Atleast 1,000,000 won – 50,000 won discount

Annual card fee: 0 won

Post-paid T-money service is available but not automatically activated. You have to request for it upon application. Your transpo bill will be deducted from your account twice a month- 15th + 3 working days and 30th + 3 working days.

The card is so pretty!

If you have an existing account in KB, just show your ARC card and your passbook. For the newly-issued Happy Nori check cards, the maximum transaction (payment) limit is 6 million won per day and 20 million won per month. You can increase your limit up to 20 million won per transaction/day and 50 million won per month. Just apply through the bank’s website or visit the nearest branch. For special cases, the bank allows up to 100 million won transaction limit.

Enjoy the discounts! 🙂

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