Personal Musings

The Best Jjamppong in the Universe!


I am really amazed that my husband who could not even peel an onion properly has become the king of our kitchen. That is perhaps the magic of marriage. Haha! Whenever he is done with work early, he usually prepares dinner for us. He calls me to ask what I want and buys the ingredients on the way home.

Today I came home from work to a husband in the kitchen and the best jjamppong ever. We actually have a favorite jjamppong restaurant in Jangandong and I jokingly asked him if he bought it from there. LOL. In all honesty and fairness, hubby’s jjamppong is the best I’ve ever tasted! He truly has high-standard tastebuds. Haha!

While I like going to cafes and restaurants to satisfy my cravings, my husband likes to cook for me and make sure I eat good quality food –fresh, clean and most importantly, MSG-free! Whenever I want to dine out, he usually volunteers to cook for me instead even though it costs more. He has even mastered my favorite pasta dishes already! For him, serving me through cooking is a more sincere demonstration of love than just bringing me to a fancy restaurant. Well, I do agree and I understand that his love language is ‘act of service’. But honestly, sometimes I like the latter more. Haha!

I really appreciate him for always showing his love through constant effort through these years. He does not only feed me with great food but also tries to look for opportunities to serve me and make my life more comfortable. I thank God everyday for blessing me more than what I deserve and for giving me a wonderful Nampyeon who makes the best jjamppong in the whole wide universe. Now, I think I will not go to that restaurant in Jangandong anymore! Hubby’s jjamppong is way much better! Hehe! 🙂