Personal Musings

My Winter Addiction: Gyul

Having Jeju tangerines instead of popcorn for our movie date at home.. 🙂

I’m not a fan of oranges but I love tangerines- Jeju tangerines! They are called ‘gyul’ (귤) in Korean. Since they are easy to peel and so so sweet, hubby and I can easily consume a box while watching Korean dramas on TV after dinner. Sometimes, we also have gyul peeling and eating contest. Haha!

They are harvested in winter season just in time for Seol Nal or Korean Lunar New Year. At this time, tangerines are so cheap that Korean families usually buy them in large boxes to give as presents for the holiday and to enjoy with family members as well. Tangerines are rich in Vitamin C which is much needed especially in cold winter season.

I want more gyuuuul!

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