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Eye Cream for Face?


I had always known that eye cream should be applied only on the eye area because the formula is too concentrated. It is rich in intensive moisturizing ingredients that are suitable only to this part of the face which lacks oil glands. The active ingredients that are designed to be anti-aging (by increasing metabolism of the cells) may potentially clog facial pores, particularly the younger skins and those that are prone to breakouts since these types of skin already have an active metabolism. For several times, I tried applying some eye cream on my face just to use them all up quickly so I could try other brands. Unfortunately, the application made my skin so itchy and red. So I got surprised and curious when I heard about the ‘eye cream for face’ here in Korea.

IMG_0106Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics (A.H.C.) introduced a beauty product called Real Private Eye Cream for Face. I’m not sure if you are familiar with this brand. Apparently, it is owned and manufactured by Carver Korea, a Korean cosmetic company which was established to provide products suitable for detailed professional skincare. At present, the company distributes cosmetic products to around 2,000 organizations in Korea such as skincare shops, dermatological hospitals, plastic surgery clinics, beauty academies, etc. I didn’t know about AHC products until hubby’s  friend (I call her “eonnie” or big sister) gave me some AHC sheet masks, capture collagen ampoule and eye cream for face as a present.


Dubbed as the ‘celebrity eye cream’, AHC’s Private Real Eye Cream For Face has been one of the best-selling beauty products in the country since its launch. It got good reviews from a lot of Korean bloggers in Naver as well. It is known to be used in many facial clinics and spas in Seoul especially in Gangnam, the plastic surgery and beauty clinic capital of the world. When Korean celebrities are interviewed and asked about their beauty secrets, they usually talk about having a good eye cream. Some Korean beauticians revealed that special eye creams are used to treat sagging skin and to delay aging not only on eye areas but also face and neck. It is popular among celebrities and beauty enthusiasts who frequent beauty clinics.

Eye creams are quite expensive due to their high-quality ingredients so most of us don’t really think of applying it on the entire face. It is also costly to visit a beauty clinic for a regular intensive skincare treatment. With that in mind, Carver Korea introduced this product under the brand name A.H.C. and made it available to ordinary consumers not only to beauty shop clients. This product can be used as a regular eye cream and an intensive facial treatment cream as well.

16-03-01-11-04-36-994_decoI really loved it on my first try. The cream is so moisturizing but not heavy on the skin. Moreover, this is a good product for a lazy person like me. LOL. If you feel too tired to apply tons of skincare products every night, this cream is for you! Whenever I feel like taking the shortcut, I just wash my face, apply some toner and this eye cream! I have a very dry skin but with this product, I was able to survive winter months without having flaky facial skin. If you wonder why there are a lot of eye cream boxes on the photo above, it’s because I actually share them with hubby. Hehe! He loves this eye cream too! 🙂

Season 1,2 & 3




Aside from my neck, eyes and smile lines, I also apply this cream on my forehead to prevent frown lines and forehead furrows. Well, mine is quite fine but Hubby’s furrow lines are starting to become more visible as he has this habit of raising his eyebrows especially when talking. Hehe!

For the ingredient conscious out there!
Well, I agree with the after-facial-spa effect.


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.17.53 AM
Anti-aging Beauty Class at Hyundai Department Store last January 7, 2016  (M&B Magazine)

By the way, the product has been improved and now, Season 4 is actually out in the market with a lot more to offer. Have you guys tried this eye cream? What do you think about it? 🙂

Price: 53,000 won (30ml)

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