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Davich (다비치): My Favorite Optical Shop

Sinsa-dong Branch (photo by  Davich)

Davich Optical Chain Store (다비치안경체인), with its business principle, “Opticians are not only selling eyeglasses but are also responsible for the health of people’s eye,” has grown into the biggest eyeglass franchise in South Korea over the past few years. It has become the leading retailer of eyeglasses and other optical products in the country. I am so glad that Davich has opened a new branch near our place because it has always been my favorite optical shop.

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One reason why I like Davich is its excellent customer service. The company is actually known for its strict training methods for its employees. They only hire experts to do the eye test and prepare the glasses. Unlike other optical shops (where only your vision grade is checked), Davich Optical gives you free several eye tests if you need prescription glasses. These tests can help in early detection of possible eye diseases.

davich cafe
Davich Cafe (Photo by KTO)

Another reason why I like Davich Optical is that it has a cafe for its members. Customers can relax, have some drinks (coffee, juice, smoothie, tea, etc.), some snacks or some ice cream for free while waiting for their eyeglasses. Whenever I visit Davich, I usually grab some Melona ice cream. Hehe!

One more thing that I like about Davich is its quick service. After the eye test, you can get your new pair of glasses in just 20-30 minutes. When there are a lot of customers, it usually takes an hour or so. But you can have it in just a day.

The showroom features over a thousand styles of frames. There are a lot of fashionable eyeglass frames that suit your style and budget. The frame price range is from 10,000 won to 800,000 won. Aside from generic frames, Davich also offers items from different well-known brands.

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Since I change my glasses regularly, (every year, and sometimes every 6-7 months), I don’t want to buy expensive frames. I order the best quality of prescription lenses instead. It is true that the frame style is important as it affects your looks, but the quality of lens is much more important as it greatly affects your vision and eye health.

When buying a pair of eyeglasses, most people are unaware of the lenses that are available to them. With evolving technology, lenses have become much more advanced. In Davich, after checking your eye prescription, the optometrist will ask several questions about your lifestyle to determine which lens type, material and coatings are suitable for your needs. In my case, I want to have a very lightweight pair of eyeglasses so I opted for high index lenses which are 50% thinner and lighter than normal lenses. Different coatings like anti-scratch, anti-reflective (AR) and ultra-violet (UV) blocking were also added. Moreover, since I usually use the computer and smartphone, I requested for the special ‘blue cut’ lens which blocks blue light and protects my eyes from the negative effects of  digital devices. It reduces eye strain for up to 20-30%.

Another reason (aside from regular change) why I choose cheaper frames for my eyeglasses is that I actually use contact lenses most of the time which are not a cheap maintenance. I also get them from Davich.

active tryeye

Last week, I visited the store as I was running out of contacts. I originally used Acuvue one day lenses but the optometrist suggested that I should try Biotrue from Bausch & Lomb. So yeah, I gave it a go. She also gave me a pair as a sample so if there would be a problem, I could just return the items. Since my eyes have different prescriptions, I always have to buy two boxes of lenses.

2 packs (30 lenses per pack) = 90,000 won

Biotrue ONEday is the latest in cutting-edge technology from the eye care professionals at Bausch and Lomb. Designed to mimic the human eye’s natural surface this is a daily contact lens that provides outstanding all day comfort. 

Made from hypergel, the latest advanced contact lens material, the lens holds exactly 78% water. This is roughly the same amount of water that the human cornea holds, allowing for a much more natural fit to your eye. In fact, because Biotrue ONEday lenses are designed to retain that moisture thoughout the day, it will feel as natural as if you weren’t wearing any lenses at all.

The unique design of Biotrue ONEday has proven itself to be outstanding, even when up against the leading daily disposables on the market. In a recent study by Bausch and Lomb it retained the highest levels of moisture and the best shape after 16 hours of wear.

High definition optics ensure you can always see clearly by reducing halos and glare, especially in bright sunshine or low-light. This is combined with a special UV filter to block out harmful levels of sunlight. However, Biotrue ONEday is not a substitute for a good pair of sunglasses.

Biotrue ONEday has been created to reflect human biology and therefore offers an outstanding lens wearing experience suitable for any contact lens wearer who needs correction for long or short-sightedness, partnered with the freedom of a daily wearing pattern.

If you are looking for fashionable and affordable optical products, try visiting Davich Optical chain store. I am pretty sure you won’t be disappointed with the service and various available options.

I’m glad I gave Biotrue a try.  I love it because it gives me a comfortable and clear vision for 16 hours. I always have a long day everyday but optometrists always advise that contacts should be worn for no more than 6 hours. Hello?! Who works (or is out) for just 6 hours a day? It is also quite a hassle to schedule when to wear contacts depending on your activities just to match with the 6-hour limit. When I wear Biotrue lenses, I feel like wearing nothing as they fit my eyes perfectly. I have quite dry eyes but wearing Briotrue all day has never been a problem as the lenses are created to mimic the eye’s own healthy tears to retain moisture level and shape. No more unintentional winking, no more daily cleaning!




If you are looking for fashionable and affordable optical products and good quality eye care service, visit Davich Optical chain store. I am pretty sure you won’t get disappointed. To find the nearest Davich branch in your area, click here. The site is available in Korean language only.