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LG U+ Membership Points

lg2I was browsing my LG U+ Customer Service app to check my current bill when I realized that I haven’t used my LG U+ Membership points yet. It’s not posted on LG’s English site but LG U+ subscribers are given “points” depending on their phone bills. You can use these points to avail free goods and services or to enjoy discounts. This year, I am a VIP member and my husband is a VVIP. He has been a VIP or VVIP member (he makes a lot of phone calls ) for several years so he accumulated a lot of points already. I reached the VIP level just early this year when I changed my postpaid phone plan to 무제한 (unlimited calls, sms and data). As of writing, hubby’s  remaining balance is 309,000 points and mine is untouched 100,000 points.


Annual point system 2015:

  • VVIP –   120,000 (won)points
  • VIP  –   100,000 (won)points
  • Diamond – 80,000 (won)points
  • Gold – 70,000 (won)points
  • Silver – 60,000 (won)points
  • Regular Member – 40,000 (won)points

Aside from lots of discounts, VIP and VVIP members can enjoy special benefits: free movies, food and drinks or T-money for transportation.

Card Designs: Regular, Food, Movie & Transportation


Movie Card Benefits:

  • VVIP & VIP: Free movie ticket at CGV, Lotte Cinema and Megabox (2 times a month)
  • Diamond: Free movie ticket at CGV and Lotte Cinema (once a month)
  • Gold: 3,000 won discount at CGV and Lotte Cinema (4 times a month)

*Movie reservations can be made through LG U+ website.


Food Card Benefits:

  • VVIP & VIP:  Tall-size Starbucks Americano, tall-size Tom N Toms Americano, Popeye’s Cajun Chicken Burger Set, Chicken Fillet Burger Set and Single Set (2 times a month)
  • Diamond & Gold: 30% discount at Tom N Toms and Popeye’s( 4 times a month)


Transportation Card Benefits:

  • VVIP & VIP: Free T-money load worth 4,000 won at GS25 (2 times a month)
  • Diamond & Gold: 30% discount on T-money Reloading (2 times a month)

Other partners include bakeries, cafes, convenience stores, pizza stores, amusement parks, cosmetic stores, car rental services, insurance plans, shopping malls, theaters, etc. Though LG U+ sends the actual card to your home, you don’t really need to bring it the store to avail discounts. You can download the app and just show the barcode to the cashier. Unfortunately, the app is in Korean only.

I am glad that with U+ Membership, movie buffs like us can enjoy movie dates for free! And if we don’t have money, we can still eat at Popeye’s or enjoy a drink at Starbucks. Hehe. 🙂

If you’re LG U+ subscriber, apply for U+ Membership now and enjoy the discount points!

One thought on “LG U+ Membership Points

  1. I am a new subscriber of LG U+ special plan A for almost 3 months now and I am glad to know that I have this benefits. Can I avail all these freebees or I can only chose 1 for each month? Or every 6 months. I can’t fully understand the app because it is in Korean, is there a way to change the language to english?


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